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Zen Tatra Driving Simulator (Zen TDS)

Zen Tatra Driving Simulator (Zen TDS)

The simulator has exercises for beginners as well as experienced drivers. It uses intelligent traffic models (ITM) to create realistic interactions with different traffic conditions.

Zen TDS replicates of the driver cabin, contains all the driver’s controls, indicators, viewing devices and instrument panels of the Tatra terrain vehicle. A 6 DoF Motion Platform, driven by synchronized terrain and vehicle dynamics, provides trainees the feel of motion that they experience when in a similar driving environment in a real terrain vehicle.


  • Instructor Application
  • Input-Output Application
  • Visual Application
  • Projection System
  • Motion Platform
  • Driver Cabin with integrated electronics
  • Sound Simulation and Audio Communication

Key Features

  • Provides exercises for trainees in basic skills fundamental driving, defensive driving, highway driving, cross-country driving, driving in adverse conditions, advanced driving and convoy driving
  • Allows instructor to control multiple driving stations and monitor trainee’s driving
  • Includes facilities to record sessions, replay them for performance analysis and generates reports for After Action Review
  • Provides trainees the motion feel of a driven vehicle through a 6 DoF Motion Platform
  • Allows training day in and out and through out the year
  • Simulates sounds of vehicle and traffic
  • Provides two-way communication between trainee and instructor
  • Displays online fault identification
  • Enables instructor to make environmental settings and inject fault during run-time