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Zen Multi-Functional Target System (Zen MFTS®)

Zen Multi-Functional Target System (Zen MFTS®)

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Zen MFTS® is an electro-mechanical system of versatile targets which are programmable from Firerís End to perform various movements for firing practices. The system is designed for use both at outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. It is portable and easy to operate. It is a rugged, all-weather system and meets IP 65 standards.

The system is available both in wired and wireless configurations and operates either with 230V AC 50 Hz or with DC battery power.

Key Features

  • Designed for outdoor live firing
  • Provides realistic environment for specialized training
  • Improves reflex shooting of trainees
  • Records single shot slow fire, single shot rapid fire and fully automatic fire
  • Allows instructor to set exposure time of target
  • Accommodates various types of Infantry targets
  • Embedded motion sensors expose target automatically when firer goes close to it
  • Includes facility to illuminate target for night firing
  • Operates either with 230V AC 50 Hz or DC battery power and between 0-50įC
  • Portable and easy to install


The Zen MFTS® is designed to expose the target to the firer in the following modes:
  • Pop-Up
  • Slicing
  • Swing Out
  • Rotate

Horizontal Sliding Targets

The system (target) can slide horizontally along the length of the firing butt, or to any pre-set length on an electronically-controlled track. Multiple targets can be used simultaneously. The speed can be varied up to 2mtrs per second.

Remote Control Unit

The hand-held RF-based remote control unit allows setting up of target movements, sensitivity of hit detection sensor and different exercises. It also shows bullet hits; allows instructor to control LCD contrast, identifies lanes and displays battery status. The remote control has a range of over 1km and can control up to 8 targets simultaneously, extendable with programming.