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Zen Advanced Weapons Simulator (Zen AWeSim®)

Zen Advanced Weapons Simulator (Zen AWeSim®)

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Zen AWeSim® is a state-of-the-art firearms simulator aimed at training recruits to Special Forces and Commandos. It recreates Small Arms firing range indoors. The simulator can be adapted to a number of firearms and the versatile simulator imparts basic training, hones firing skills, improves weapon handling skills and tests the skill level of trainees in complex and war-like scenarios.

Zen AWeSim® is software-based, menu-driven with pre-programmed and user-defined exercises with different terrain backdrops, environmental conditions and ranges. The 3D visualization software lets trainees to practise firing in realistic, projected terrains like deserts, mountains, jungles and plains. The system simulates real-world scenarios to enhance the skill level of trainees.

The simulator uses modified in-service weapons for recoil effect. It can be configured with a number of Small Arms, including 9mm Pistols, Revolvers, 303 Rifles, INSAS 5.56 mm range of weapons, 7.62mm SLR, AK-47s, Carbines and Light Machine Guns. It can also be configured with shoulder-fired Rocket Launchers of all makes. It allows user fire from any position i.e. standing, kneeling or lying down. It supports both tethered and un-tethered versions.

The simulator has an in-built 3D CGI Scenario Builder module that allows tactical exercises with models of all war-like equipment, vehicles, Tanks, storage dumps etc. to be created by the user on a selected terrain. Own and enemy troops can be placed and defined their paths. The trainee is made to fire at the so-created near-realistic tactical scenario.

The simulator has video authoring software that enables user to shoot video films on tactical operations and feed them into the system. The training videos so created are fired upon by the trainee to test his judgmental, reflex and weapon handling skills. The simulator also enables Annual Range Classification to be carried out and the individual firing data stored for records.

The simulator is ideal for Company-level and upwards training. Mass training at Battalions, Training Centers and Academies can be carried out incorporating all conventional training practices.

Key Features

  • Suitable for marksmanship, judgmental and reflex training
  • Four trainees can be trained simultaneously with the basic system which is upgradeable up to 8 trainees
  • Training with all direct-firing firearms i.e. Pistols to Light Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers
  • Video and 3D CGI-based scenarios
  • Realistic sound simulation
  • Grouping, static, moving and snap target exercises
  • Facility to record and playback a training session
  • Extensive individual and team reports
  • Easy to operate and simple to install
  • Firing positions—standing, kneeling and lying down
  • Customized solutions